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"For me personally it's the best football book I have ever read, amazing work. Thank you for the chance to be one of your readers." - Patrik Kortvely


❌ It’s NOT just another generic football coaching book.

❌ It’s NOT a book about how to morph into Cristiano Ronaldo within the next 90 days (run from anyone telling you it takes anything other than years of dedication to reach his level of fitness.)

❌ It’s NOT about how to take shortcuts which will come back to bite you further down the line.

❌ It’s NOT about skills training – though you will see why this stuff will make your performances hard to ignore to onlooking coaches, allow your skills to flourish to a much higher degree and enable you to have much greater impact every time you step onto the pitch.

❌ It’s NOT about doing more training, giving up your social life or investing in expensive supplements – though it will make the training you do far more efficient, effective and prime your body to perform in every training session and match.

The Football Fitness Bible is For Footballers Who Are Serious About Playing At A Top Professional Club & Representing Their Country

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It’s an investment in your entire football career, helping you to avoid under-achieving at football trials and spend less time out with niggling, repetitive injuries (which hold many players back season after season.)

Elite football performance is our thing. We’ve spent over 25 collective years studying and working directly with footballers who want to play at the highest level and we pride ourselves on our ability to make the seemingly complex and overwhelming, simple and actionable for players.

The truth is that players at top professional clubs are being guided by sports science experts every single need to be ready to compete with these players physically and mentally if you want to stand any chance of getting on the ball and showing the coach what you're truly capable of.

This is where many players are flushing their opportunities down the drain...(the worst part is it's got nothing to do with their technical ability.)

In fact when you see what we reveal in this book it may make you angry that you’ve wasted SO MUCH time training in a sub-optimal way, but it will also give you simple strategies which you can easily implement right away to break-through frustrating plateaus in performance.

So if you already work hard and you want to train in a much smarter way (guided by science) without sacrificing recovery time or feeling constantly fatigued, just implement the simple fitness and nutrition shifts that we outline in this book.

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I studied BSc Sports Science at University before going on to specialise in football strength & conditioning and I'm currently completing a further new Masters course in Football Strength & Conditioning from the Football Science Institute. As part of this I'm within a specialist network of football conditioning coaches and taught directly by sports scientists working at some of the worlds biggest clubs - including Real Madrid and PSG.

As a player, I spent 9 years at English professional club Wycombe Wanderers and represented England Schoolboys before suffering a "career ending" labral tear hip injury at age 19.

However I made a "miraculous" return to semi-professional football at the age of 24 thanks to a programme which I designed using new-found knowledge from my studies (and blankly refusing to give up my dream). I spent almost 5 years training by myself, studying and experimenting with different training strategies until I finally cracked the code. In the space of 12 months I went from unable to jog for 5 minutes to playing 5 times per week, completely pain free, and getting paid for it.

I'm here to tell you that if you want something badly enough and have the right plan and mindset, then anything is possible.

I created Matchfit as through my own experiences I realised how important it was to teach players from an early age about the critical role that strength and conditioning, nutrition and mindset has in enabling elite performance to become possible (and maintained for an entire career). To date we've helped over 40,000 players from all over the world become standout players in their team, overcome injury issues once and for all and in some cases even step up to international level.

Here Are A Few Of The Little-Known Strategies You'll UNOCVER...

The single most important eating strategy to flood your body with energy before kick-off…without feeling bloated or sending you running to the toilet! (When you get this right, you will feel poised to perform at the start of every match.) Pg 197.

✅ The household root vegetable which has the little-known superpower of widening your blood vessels, unleashing a higher level of stamina…(Sound to good to be true? We've included the science to back it all up on page 290.)

✅ The 4 key elements of strength training that must be addressed in order to add lean muscle without slowing you down. (See the actual graphic you’ll want to memorize, print out and tape to your wall so you can reference it daily. Page 17)

✅ How BAREFOOT training can make you a more powerful player at the same time as correcting imbalances which are causing you pain in a completely different area of your body. (Many players are actually triggering their own injuries because they are overlooking the way in which their feet interact with the ground. On page 42 you’ll see a new approach that will change your season.)

✅ How you could SAVE HUNDREDS on physio appointments each season by simply correcting your squatting technique...(On page 15 see the break-down of the issues to look out for and what problems they could be creating.)

✅ Why stretching your hamstring to get rid of tightness will never solve the problem and what to do instead. (You'll kick yourself when you learn this. Page 117 shows you exactly what to do.)

✅ How the food you put in your mouth influences your ability to focus and think clearly under pressure. It's called the gut-brain network and it directs the behaviour of your brain, what's happening in your gut can even make it harder for you to learn new skills. (On page 157 you’ll get the formula for ensuring your gut health isn't hindering your mental clarity in training and matches.)

✅ If you're a goalkeeper, we've got you covered too. On page 214 we outline how your dietry needs differ from outfield players in both training and matches.

✅ Pg. 67: The step-by-step PRE-SEASON training process which must be followed to avoid sabotaging your fitness gains and significantly increasing your chances of injury come the start of the season.

And That’s Not Even  HALF  Of  What You’ll Uncover Inside The Pages Of This Breakthrough  Book

⚽ How to increase shot power - without even touching a ball. Page 51.

⚽ Page 69: Strength training during the season - what to focus on and how to schedule it into your week. (It won't lead to over-training when you follow our guidelines and it will increase muscle activation ready for match day, don’t miss this section.)

⚽ The key priniciples of football specific speed and agility training. (If you struggle being first to 50/50 balls, then this section is a must. On the football pitch there's so much more to being fast than simply running at speed - starting on page 85.)

⚽ How to decelerate quicker...believe it or not, the fastest players are always the one's who can STOP quicker than other players. (Essential in evading tackles, finding space and making sudden changes of direction. You’ll see exactly how to do it on page 101.)

⚽ The secret reason why top pro clubs NEVER let their players take an ice bath during pre-season. (This is an extremely common mistake, you could be sacrificing all of your hard pre-season efforts if you do this. Page 130)

⚽ Pg. 167: The common diet and fat loss strategies which footballers must avoid at all costs (and one's which we do recommend too).

⚽ Football "superfoods". (Page 221)

"From Sunday league to premier league, this book is a must have!" - James Hinch

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Here's how we've helped 30,000+ footballers, and we can help you too...

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The reason I created Matchfit Conditioning is simple: At the highest level, football (or soccer) has reached an extraordinary standard over the last 15-20 years. On the one hand this can be put down to improvements in coaching, equipment and facilities, on the other we can look at how more attention has been paid to the development of footballers who are not only technically brilliant, but also possess incredible athletic abilities.

Here’s the current issue. With every passing day, the gap widens between the players at the top level who are guided by sports science experts on a daily basis and the many talented players outside of the professional environment, who have the technical ability to play at the highest level, but lack the knowledge and support in terms of athletic development to make it realistically possible.

Indeed, having high levels of technical ability provides only a fraction of the qualities you need to possess in order to play at the highest level. One of the biggest challenges? Having a body which allows you to stay on the pitch and not break down.

A world class football athlete is pre-conditioned to be able to cope with highly demanding workloads season after season, whilst limiting the risk of injury setbacks from overuse. They possess the capacity to impact matches in the way that they wish to in their minds, rather than within the limits of what their bodies will allow. This takes years of compounding daily smart, science-backed training efforts and optimal nutrition to achieve.

Of course, there’s more to fitness and nutrition than simply avoiding injury. It has the potential to unlock a level of performance and expression of skill which would simply never be realised without it. My goal is to make you excited about the fact that you can become a dramatically more effective footballer without even touching a ball and to awaken the realisation that without strength and conditioning you will almost certainly never fulfil your true footballing potential.

I want you to think “my god, I wish I knew all this 10 years ago!”

No matter if you’re currently an amateur, semi-pro or pro player, if you apply our training method you will take your performances to a new level not possible by training your technical ability alone.

Yes, continuing to develop your technical game is a crucial part of your success, you’ve got to have elite technical ability to stand any chance of playing at the highest level and a “football brain” which makes smart decisions on and off the ball. But what we'll show you will further enhance the results of your training efforts and allow your technical and mental talents to flourish on the pitch to a much higher degree.

What’s in front of you right now is a wonderful opportunity to develop a highly influential aspect of your football performance which will directly impact the level which you are able to play at. Much of what we'll reveal to you is still overlooked, misunderstood and under-utilised by millions of players (by no fault of their own).

If you want to become a world class pro, you need to train and have the lifestyle habits of a world class pro. The sooner you start the better, it’s as simple as that. This is a process which requires years of compounding smart training efforts and eating habits, it’s why players who join top professional clubs from a younger age have a significant advantage over gifted players outside of that environment. The vehicle they have to express their talents from is simply more developed.

As a result, they:

• Are more resilient to common football injuries

• Are stronger on the ball

• Adapt to and recover from training faster

• Can maintain high intensity efforts for longer

• Possess more advanced levels of athleticism

• Can react and move more efficiently at a higher level of their speed capacity…to name just few qualities.

Notice how none of them directly involve the ball? All of these things are in your control, if you have access to the knowledge required to achieve them.

So, with the internet giving almost every footballer on the planet access to unlimited scientific studies which reveal all of this knowledge, why is it that so many players are still not applying it to their game and reaping the rewards? I believe it comes down to two main things:

1. Coaching

2. Confusion

It’s one thing knowing what the research says, it’s another thing all together being able to apply that knowledge successfully to your training when there are endless scenarios to consider and elements of performance to juggle and cram in. This is where specialist fitness and nutrition coaches come in, to remove confusion and allow you to focus on what you do best, playing football.

Access to these coaches however is by no means cheap or widespread. Which leads us to the situation we are in now. The only players who can capitalise on this knowledge are the ones who:

1. Are at a top pro club and can be guided by experts

2. Have and can afford access to coaches in their local area

3. Have self-educated (which takes years of study and often means sacrificing a professional football career to go to university)

Our mission with is to give players, football coaches and parents (who are outside of the top professional club environment) simple and practical fitness and nutrition strategies which can be easily applied to any training schedule to unlock a higher level of performance.

You may be wondering “why are you so passionate about this subject?”

Well, as a player I spent 9 years at English professional club Wycombe Wanderers and represented England Schoolboys U18's before suffering a “career ending” injury, being told by doctors that I could never play football again at the age of 19.

It took a year of being pressured into playing through mounting pain (causing irreversible damage) and one incorrect diagnosis after another before eventually reaching that moment (if you’re interested to learn more about my story, click “My Story” from the main menu).

That experience kick-started my sports science journey and after 4 years a return to football at semi-pro level was made possible thanks to knowledge that I uncovered and applied. You’ll find many of those insights and tons more within our programme.

By all accounts my return to football was miraculous, with the doctor initially telling me that I had no future in “playing or coaching sports of any kind”. That comment alone fuelled the fire for my comeback, I was determined to prove him wrong. Hopefully the fact that you’re now on this website and reading this demonstrates what can be possible for you if you get resourceful. Not only did I play football again (and had 3 of the best years of my life doing it), my team and I coach thousands of players around the world every single day.

Throughout my playing years I saw many talented footballers get released or not “make the cut” for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with their technical ability. I also saw players who were nowhere near as technically gifted, but fantastic athletes, go on and achieve incredible things in football. Imagine the possibilities if you possess both qualities!

I strongly believe that if you want to fulfil your true footballing potential, then you need to understand and appreciate the pivotal role that fitness, nutrition and psychology plays in unlocking elite performance. I’m not talking about a debatable 1 or 2% difference here; I’m talking about completely transforming the level of impact you’re able to consistently have in matches.

Ultimately, the goal of any footballer should be to fuse peak performance with a low injury rate. We'll guide you as close as we can to achieving that whilst bridging the gap between where you are now and what’s required of your body at the highest level of football. Here at Matchfit Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our ability make the seemingly complex and overwhelming, simple and actionable for players. Essentially, if you came to us in person right now and said you wanted to become a world class footballer, the contents of this book is what we would teach you...


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Shaun has an MSc in Sports Nutrition, a BSc in Nutrition and has worked privately with several top-level footballers since completing his Masters. During his time as a Performance Nutritionist with Science in Sport (SIS), Shaun was closely linked with Manchester United - supplying players with personalised advice on supplements and complete nutrition plans.

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Yianni has an MSc in Strength & Conditioning. He's an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach from the UKSCA and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from the NSCA. He has experience in providing conditioning support in pro football at Leyton Orient FC and academy football at QPR.


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Every coaching businesses success relies on the relationship of trust that they have with their customers as well as the ability to create life-changing transformations through innovative products.

If you're reading this, it might be the first time you've ever come across Matchfit Football and therefore (understandably) you're probably thinking "why should I trust these guys with my training?".

By giving you our break-through book for £29.99 just £1 my hope is that you'll gain so many career-changing, refreshing insights into elite football performance within just the first few pages that we become your #1 go-to coaches for everything football fitness, nutrition and mindset related...and truthfully - I hope that you love this £1 deal so much that eventually you decide to join us on our full online training programme sometime in the near future! That would be awesome.

But first, I want to demonstrate that we have the knowledge to help you get closer to your ultimate footballing dream and that you can trust us 100% to deliver!

That's why I've included a 60 day 100% money back guarantee with your order. You've got 60 days to try out the information outlined in this book, if it's not for you simply email and we'll refund every penny, no questions asked.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by grabbing your £1 copy of the Football Fitness Bible book today.


get it now for £29.99

Just £1!

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Written for players, parents and coaches of all ages.

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